Eurocom for Students

An education is not something you do for just a week or a few months.

As such, students and post-graduates should choose hardware that not only meets demands of their unique specialization, but hardware that is built for the long-term: not just a few semesters, but years into their chosen career path while in school and beyond.

At Eurocom, we have designed a program for students to leverage in order to help fund the purchase of a new laptop for their education.

We recognize the challenges facing students today – both in terms of cost and performance. PhD’s need high end equipment. Young students need help buying equipment.

The Eurocom Student program accomplishes the best of both worlds enabling access to our full line of exceptionally performant, long lasting laptops, at a discounted rate available exclusively to students and post graduates.

Any student, anywhere in the world can receive 10% off any Eurocom Desktop Laptops, Workstations, Supergaming, Mobile Servers or Ultraportables. It’s that simple!

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Taking the road less traveled has been a guiding philosophy of Eurocom for the past 30 years.

Be unique, stand out – middle of the road just doesn’t cut it.

We love technology; not just for the sake of gadgets and gizmos, but for what it can do to enrich our lives.

EUROCOM was the first company to introduce upgradeable GPUs and CPUs into notebooks, the first company to build a 15″ laptop and first company to offer multiple drives and RAID setup in a notebook computer.

Today, we continue to carry the torch. We offer a broad range of systems with unparalleled features, sophistication and power; backed by excellent value and service.

Elementary & High School

All Eurocom systems are designed intelligently. The earlier you start, the more flexible and intelligent you will become!

College & Universities

You deserve a high performance machine that can keep up with the demands of your education (and to stay ahead your peers).

Post Graduation & Beyond

The learning, research and development doesn’t stop: a high end Eurocom system enables you the competitive advantage you need to create and succeed long-term.

How to submit your order and get 10% discount

1. Review our laptop line-up and choose your ideal Eurocom system!

2. Configure it to your needs & place your Order by clicking “Order”.

3. Enter into the “configuration instructions” the name of your
Education Institution, Faculty and your Student ID card #.

4. Place order by clicking “Order” at bottom of screen.
You will be sent an email containing your “Order Confirmation Number”.

5. Send an email to including your “Order Confirmation Number” along with proof of your enrollment in the form of a photo of your student card, admission letter, or any valid proof of enrollment.

6. We will apply 10% discount before processing your payment. The discount will be given before taxes and shipping charges.

7. You will receive a confirmation email from Eurocom in regards to payment being processed & your system being shipped.

8. Register your notebook and check back with Eurocom for new deals, future upgrades & exciting news!

Payment & Shipping

The best way to pay is with a Bank Payment. We also accept all major credit cards, or PayPal.

Once you place your order and pay, our expert technicians build your system before stress testing it to ensure it is up to our top quality standards. This process can take up to two days before we ship the system to your location.

After you place your order and the system is ready to ship you will be sent the tracking number of your shipment, allowing you to follow the progress of the package on its way to you!

Who is eligible

The Eurocom Student program is available to students (Elementary, High School, College or University) and post graduates (within 1 year).

The program is not limited to any specific locale or country: if you are a student or recent grad, you are eligible!

Students or post grads can have a family member make the purchase on their behalf.